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We are committed to providing our customers with exceptional value at Rumors. Take advantage of these great specials next time you visit!


Chicken & Waffle Bites - $8 (rumor has it...thomas jefferson created this dish!)

Loco Steak Tacos - $7 (rumor has it...these tacos are crazy good)

Rock & Roll Shrimp - $9 (rumor has it...Prince is only 5’2’)

Smoking Pig - $7 (rumor has it...pigs are very intelligent...thank you very much!)

Rumor’s Slider Trio - . $7 (rumor has it...cheif bender was the first to use a slider to win 6 world series games)

Chicken on a Stick - . $6 (rumor has it...david bowie’s wife once caught him in bed with mick jagger)

Fried Calamari - . $6 (rumor has of may 2011, there was a facebook petition to make the squidbilly georgia’s state animal)

Homemade Meatballs - . $6 (rumor has it...bill murray’s first starring role was in a movie was “meatballs’)

Dog in a blanket- . $7 (rumor has it...the first corn dog was invented by god 6ooo years ago)

Nippon French Fries- $ 6 (rumor has japan you can buy used panties from vending machines) 



Loco Steak Tacos - carne asada , green onions, roasted tomato, sour cream & avocado (rumor has it... tacos, tequila & beer go great together)

Rock & Roll Shrimp - fried rock shrimp with sweet chili lime sauce

(rumor has stars prefer warm jack daniel’s & cold beers )

Fried Calamari - golden fried calamari smartly seasoned (rumor has it...nothing compliments calamari better than a bloody mary or beer with bloody mary mix!)

Nippon French Fries- crispy homemade fries, shiitake mushrooms and melted brie (rumor has it... draft beer & chilled vodka are the only 2 things that get along with the french)

Homemade Meatballs - meatballs & marinara sauce (rumor has capone’s favorite drink was the buffalo negra (a bourbon drink that includes balsamic vinegar, fresh basil and soda)

Rumor’s Pulled Pork Sliders- bbq pork with a side of cole slaw (rumor has it...gin & tonic are the best sides with BBQ!!)

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